Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My horoscope does it again!

Pisces: Just being crazy about someone isn't enough to make things work. It takes effort from both of you..

My horoscopes have a habit of being right all the time and this time is no different. Two posts ago, I was of course, bitchin about my relationship[s]. But after that day, I thought it over and I'm pretty much leavin it all in his hands right now. At the end of the day, I'm gonna continue doin me, with him or not. It doesn't hurt that I am about to start (HOPEFULLY) working a lot. I know the next week will be a handful. I need to get my money right within the next month or two or I will be living in an empty house. Lol. But my dad and I are pretty much on good terms so maybe he'll drop some money on me. =) I need to go shopping too. Sheesh. I got so much to do before 8/24 [first day of fall semester]. I even considered taking a break, but I'm gonna take the classes towards the LPN program so they'll help me get in. I gotta get my community service hours in too. I need 100 hours before March 1st. Gotta get on my grind. =D

Oh I'm trying tumblr btw. I wanna see whats better. Drop yours here if you got one.


A.R. said...

aw. =]

--Miami said...

mann somebody tried to get me on tumblr but i just dont get that shit

--Miami said...

And we love you too...well ionno about them but I do :-)