Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HK !

Everyone knows I'm a Hello Kitty head, hence the tattoo on the lower left leg!

Well. I want these done next time I have time to get pampered. =)

I'm a typical Asian girl when it comes to HK. =) So cute!


A.R. said...

those nails are adorable.

Anonymous said...

these are TOO cute!

Kim said...

LOOOOOOVE tha nails.

Andre said...

does hello kitty even talk?
Is she a cartoon or something?

I've neeeeever ever seen a 'hello kitty' cartoon/clip or anything...But I have seen the merchandise...everywhere!

April Rose said...

You know.. I know absolutely NOTHING about Hello Kitty. Guess I'm a horrible Asian =/

Cute tat/nails.