Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have a friend that I met on Mother's Day wkend. Since then, he was calling/texting on the DAILY to try and hang. Finally, on Wednesday night, I was like, "Come over and watch the game with me." So we had a great time, great connection, laughed alllll night, I was feelin his personality, his looks, and whatever, and I couldn't wait to hang out again. Well, the next two days, I receive no texts, no phone calls. I was like, wth is going on? Friday night, I finally hear from him and he said he couldnt wait till I came back in town so we can chill again. Wth? I don't hear from you and all of a sudden you wanna chill again? Anyway. I get back to town Saturday night and I hit him up, he knocked on the door and I was a little confused. He shaved all his facial hair off. I usually would've like that, but I liked his facial hair. =( The connection we DID have was not there. I just felt like it was a different guy in there with me. He was talking about different things, the cockiness and the "swag" that was there before, I couldn't find at all. There were some other things that turned me off about him but I won't go into detail.

Now, Ernest. I won't even BEGIN to describe his inconsistency. My God, I could go on forever. And Adrian, I never know what the hell he wants. One day he wants 'us', another day, I get the vibe he doesnt. I'm so confused!

Is it in men's genes to be so inconsistent like that? They're worse than women.

On another note, the Magics killed Cavs last night. Lebron was SO off, what was going on? And then his cry baby ass didn't wanna shake hands after the game?! Seriously? How much bitchassness[/no diddy] can you provide the people that already dislike you? He needs to man up.


For my "The Hills" heads. She's baaaaaaaaccckkk. Kristin Cavallari is back and she's bitchier and hotter than ever. Lauren had a lot of drama come her way but this girl brings that shit to the damn table! I'll miss Lauren but I think Kristin will do a good job as the new IT GIRL of the Hills. =) I'm stoked!


Teesha said...

first and foremost .. do NOT talk about the cavs .. it's the cleveland curse .. trust me i would know lol ..

and it sucks how guys can just pop up out of no where and expect things to be exactly the same where things left off .. oh how much easier life would be if it worked out like that

supremeee. said...

-dead @ that picture.

--Miami said...

take it from a dude, we more confusing that a damn rubiks cube cube sometime, ionno why but we just are, i know ive been guilty of it plenty of times.

i likes thisnew layout too

and i find it funny how so many people downing the magic, but ill still hold out some hope for em

--Miami said...

exactlyyyyyyyyy, like one person in particular (who shall remain nameless)but if they do pull it off, i know its gonna be funny as hell to see the excuses folks make why the lakers lost...take the L and move on man, its always next year

--Miami said...

thanks babes :-), its still at the top of my list of wants so im still pushing for it.

and word...never underestimate a team. you just might end up butt hurt

Dani said...

Girl, I've learned two things about guys and consistency.

1. They are always consistent. They might consistently be sporatic or consistently be into you. Either way, they're gonna be that way the whole time.

2. A guy who is inconsistent in calling is usually either a) not into you, or b) juggling a few women that he's interested in.

In my opinion, it's not a bad thing. Whatever they do is just how it is. We gotta stop reading into things and just accept them at face value. If they don't meet our standards, might as well not get too deep.

Paulino said...

thanks babes :-), its still at the top of my list of wants so im still pushing for it. and word...never underestimate a team. you just might end up butt hurt