Monday, May 11, 2009

Enough is ENOUGH.

I've pretty much had enough of Ernest's bullshit. Saturday I went to a festival 15 mins out of town. I'm walkin around, I'm like, "That looks just like Ernest's car." Smh. It was. He asked me what I was doin there, same thing you was, playa. He claims I didnt tell him my plans. Wth? Boy, please. Anyway. He stayed on that damn phone. What dude you know stay on the phone with an other man for more than 10 minutes? COME ON. I cooked for him and his brother when I got home, we did our little thing in the back room and that phone rang and rang and rang and rang. Of course, I was distracted and wasnt in the mood anymore. So I walked out. I was pissed. He kept askin me what was wrong. I'm done. Maybe I just need a break. Idk. But for now, I'm done.

Anywayyyyyyy, I'm glad to say ya girl STILL got it. He tried to tie me down but reality clocked in right before I gave in. I walked around that damn festival like I was in a candy shop. YUMM. I got a couple of numbers and gave mine out once (This was after Ernest pissed me off btw.) He called but I been ignoring it since then. Lol.

Ohhh anywayy. My coworker and I are gettin on this workout plan. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For now anyway. Then every Wednesday, we're taking Salsa classes. =) I'm excited!

Thats all folks.

Ju.ju bean.


--Miami said...

what man would be on the phone with another dude for more than 10 SECONDS shit.

better tell em you was born at night, not LAST night (corny i know)

Dani said...

girl, u kno i'm a sucker for y'all's romance.. but, a guy needs to know when to put the games in the toy chest and grow the fuck up. you'll be straight with him or without him. if he wanna act right, fine. if not, you don't owe him to stick around. but hold ur ground. if he's steadily fuckin' up and u keep takin that shit back, all you're doing is telling him that it doesn't matter THAT MUCH to u if he changes.

supreme. said...

aren't you the cutest pimp. lol.

Nick said...

Yes i talk on the phone with my boy for over 10 mins but at the same times we are probably talking about girls or some sick stuff.

I hope it all goes well for both of you :)