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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Okay. Adrian's coming to visit me sometime this summer and when he does, I'm going to convince him to get his bottom lip pierced. I think that shit is just SO sexy. Lmao. I did a little photoshop thing but didn't come out as I wanted to. Lmao. I showed him and he was like, "NO." He's considering it though.

Lolllllllllllllllll. Lmao lmao. I'm like DYING. He's gonna get it though. HE WILL !

Ju.ju Bean.


whiteskinpoppin. said...

you should move it over to the left a little bit more.

it looks like it would look good on him.

he's sexy anyway :)

woot woot.

Ms. Naomie said...

girl dont do that to him
that looks maddddd gay
i'm thinkin thats what he'll tell you & if he does i DEF agree!!!

supreme. said...

lol, he's sessy tho.

thehoustongirl said...

aww he's so cute :D

Jervis said...

homie!!, dont do it!