Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You must not know bout me.

After the last straw with Ernest, I decided to just let it go. I promised him I wouldn't ever leave him because of his lifestyle and I'm keeping that promise. We've talked about it over and over and it's the little things he's always forgetting. I'm not hard to please. I don't ask for shit. I don't question you. Nothing. I've never asked him for much. NEVER. When I needed money, I never asked him. When I was sick, HE volunteered to come and take care of me. I never asked him to leave the streets bc I know he wants to chase money. Anyway. Maybe its done forever, maybe just for now, but right now even if Adrian is so far away, I know he's got love for me no matter what. We spent the whole night DYING laughing bc of the piercing I photoshopped on him (Previous post). Ahhh I cant wait till he comes down =) . I already know we gon fight daily. Lol. I told him to come help me clean last night and I'd cook him din din. He told me to come "get him". When I asked him if he was gonna pay for gas he asked me was he gon get some ass. Lmao. Typical man. Can't be happy with just dinner, he wants nookie too. But he know he can get all the cutty he wants. Lmfao.

SO. Ernest better recognize. Just because he doesn't see me out doesnt mean I didn't have someone else. Whatever you don't do, someone else will. And even with Adrian so far away, the little things Ernest refused to do, he gladly did.

So gentlemen, I'll repeat it again. : Whatever you don't do, someone else will. If you're in a relationship, I suggest you hop on that.

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