Thursday, May 7, 2009


"It's DizZyana Babyyyyy"

I've been asked MANY times to listen to mixtapes and review them. To tell you the truth, if the first 10 seconds don't catch my attention, I close it. But something about this man's voice on the INTRO just captured me. Another thing is his confidence is definitely heard through his songs. I don't listen to too many rap shit because most rapper these days are just ringtone rappers, but this mixtape is definitely staying in my iTunes. I'm not just sayin that shit either, I actually listened to the songs twice , some more, before I started this review.

Faves (I like them all, these are the ones that stand out) :
Pussy, Money, Weed
Runnin *
Plenty Money
Diva (Maddd catchy)

I feel like I can relate to Runnin a little bit more than the rest.

"My biggest fear is being a failure.
So any sign of failing and my mind goes rebellious."

"No matter what happens, I gotta stay me. Gotta stay humble, gotta stay E. I never understood how people could just change, until I had to do it to remain the same. I used to care what people think until I realized it didn't matter. So,so fuck them, they dont matter.

Another song, Diva, shit is mad catchy. If I quoted it, I'd have to quote the whole song.

"So she call me her Papi, she be stuntin like her daddy.
That d-o-u-g-i-e and that mula keep her happy."

Juju : whats ur government?
Dizzy : Eric
Juju : hmmm you about what.. 22/23?
Dizzy : 22
Juju : You rap bc of fame & money? or is it a passion
Dizzy : Passion behind it.
Juju : Is what you rap about the truth or is it candy coated.
Dizzy : All what I rap about is real. I don't like candy coated shit so I stay away from it.

So. Ladies and gents. Go download. Its worth it. =)

Ju.ju Bean.


Vlad said...

im bout to check it out

--Miami said...

i aint downloaded anything in a good lil minute so why the hell not

supreme. said...


__simplytrice said...

his mixtape is hott.

whiteskinpoppin. said...

his mixtape is coo.
juju a little late on the download tho.

May. said...

Sounds good.
I'll check it out when I get home =)