Thursday, July 2, 2009

Its been awhile.

I have been so extremely busy with work. I finally got started with my 2nd job and it's been going GREAT. =) I got my first check last week and it was oh so nice. I think it's finally taking a toll on my body though, maybe it's because I haven't been able to sleep in. Idk. I've been working straight since Monday though and won't be off again until Monday & Tuesday. I'm being VERY GREEDY bc I don't wanna take Tuesday off. It's like I can't be happy with what I've got now, I gotta have more. There's only so much time in 2 weeks (Pay period) though so I can't work extra at either job.. BUT with all this going on, I still havent started my 3rd job. -_-' Idk how I'm gonna do this. Lol.

Oh & meet Zeus. ♥
I bought him for my Dad. =)

In 27 days, I will be moving into my new townhouse. =D I can't waitttttt!
In case you're wondering... My lovelife is still the same. Lls. Not getting into that right now.

Anyway.. That's about it.. I'm not gonna get into depth with this post. I will later though, I promise. =)

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Mista Jaycee said...

Get some rest. By the way, it's been a minute since you last commented on my blog. Miss you!