Friday, May 22, 2009

Life's good. =)

My fave pic that was taken last night. I was drunk as hell. Lol. I look like a clueless chick. =T It's now my Twitter pic too. Lol. Anyway, I got drunk with my partner in crime and ended up somehow in the damn closet, having deep ass conversations about how we let drama get in between us for the longest time, got lei'd in wal-mart, went to Krispy Kreme, which is clear across town, almost got pierced but chickened out, and did some other shit. Yeah the hangover was a bitch. Lol

I love this picture bc it shows EXACTLY how we are. Constantly laughing. I think she fell right here. Thats my ace, my partner in crime, my Twin, my SLink-fuckn-D from way back in the 6th grade. We got some good shots. For the rest of em, check Facebook. =)

Anyway. It's the weekend again and we all know what I do on weekends. Work my ass off. I gotta get up at 6:20. Lol. I'll get 6 hrs of sleep. Anyway. Today, I heard from the 2nd job and I have orientation within the next couple of weeks. I have to break it up since I am working at the first one. AND THEN, someone else called me for a home care type of job, I have an interview next Tuesday. =D Yayyyyyyyyy. So HOPEFULLY, I'll have three jobs this summer ! I'm stoked. Stackin my money and I didnt even have to be out in the streets. Not like I ever have before, but you know what I'm saying. =) I spoke to my Dad the other day after 2 months of no communication, nothing too dramatic, just a hi and hello, how are you type thing. Lifted a lot off my shoulders even if it was just small talk though.
As for my love life, Adrian's there. Nothing else to say. Nobody else worth mentioning. Yep. I moved on from that. =) I think I'll just stick to what Adrian and I do have. It's better off that way anyway. I just don't have the relationship mentality anymore. A man ruined that for me a LONG ASS TIME ago. I'll move on from it one day. =)
WEll I'm off to bed.
Ju.ju Bean


--Miami said...

three jobs?! Zammmmm I gotta tip my hat off to you. Some folks can't even handle one full time gig but you finna have 3 of em. Now that's working hard for the money. Remind me if your ever down here...i.o.u one coldstone chocolate delight and a bottle of your favorite poison :-)

supreme. said...

drunk pics. <3

--Miami said...

thx babes :-) i feel like a drug addict going thru detox but ima get thru it lol

and hell i alwayas thought it was chocolate delight, i just knew chocolate was your favorite