Saturday, May 16, 2009

I don't wanna lose my mind!


I was sitting at work today, waiting to clock out, to my left was a resident that doesn't remember how to speak English, and was constantly asking me, "Donde eres el nino?". To my right was a black man that insisted on getting up out of his wheelchair every few minutes. In front of me, two ladies laughing and carrying on about their "babies" which happened to be babydolls and one happened to be the "El nino" the one to the left of me was talkin about. The next moment these two were arguing and fussing about their babies.. That all of a sudden were switched out. =T

Welcome to the wonderful world of the 3rd floor. The Alzheimer's Unit. The floor nobody wants to work at. The floor where I get pinched, been slapped, swung at, chased down the damn hall, etc., etc. So as I was sitting there, I was thinking, hoping, wishing and praying God will have mercy on me and never EVER let me get to this point. My kids better not EVER put me in a nursing home. Adrian told me he and I are going to share a room at a nursing home. Lol. He's out of his mind. I have these residents, a couple, from Puerto Rico, the woman is constantly talking to me in Spanish. I'm like, "ENGLISH, MAMA ! ENGLISH!" Loll. And once I walk out the room, I turn around and see Papa after me with this stern ass look on his face. I ask him, "Que pasa?" He talkin about, "HER ! She gets on my nerves!" Lollll. I love my residents but I definitely don't ever want to be in their situation.

Anyway. Protect those brains kids. =) Keep 'em active. Read, crosswords and even SOME video games will do it. =)

Ju.ju Bean


--Miami said...

i remember when my grandpa was in a nursing home, the worse....just in every aspect of it, i aint really got nothing against em but id never put a loved one of mines in one. id rather pay outta pocket for someone to come over and take care of rather than them be far away at some place where who knows what the people there do to em.

--Miami said...

in that case, id pay you to come down here to do the care.

pay you quite handsomely at that. well, can i get some kinda discount? lol

nikkifactZ said...

lol i enjoyed reading

supreme. said...

lmfao @ "english mama, english!"